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Fueling VidaFoods International’s Success with Digital Marketing

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Fueling VidaFoods International’s Success with Digital Marketing

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VidaFoods International, a promising startup in Belgium, embarked on a remarkable journey to expand its reach to the UAE and Saudi Arabian markets. Facing the challenge of limited visibility and no online presence, they turned to Staklus Digital for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


Before partnering with Staklus Digital, VidaFoods International grappled with the absence of a website and a lack of visibility in their target markets. As a newcomer in the frozen food export industry, they needed to establish a solid online presence to tap into the lucrative UAE and Saudi markets.

Our Solutions:

Staklus Digital implemented a multifaceted strategy to address VidaFoods International’s challenges:

1. Website Development: We designed and developed a user-friendly website,, showcasing VidaFoods’ range of frozen food products and creating a platform for online engagement.

2. SEO Optimization: A comprehensive SEO strategy began with thorough keyword research, targeting key phrases like “frozen meat export” and “export companies.” Within just four months, we witnessed significant organic growth, resulting in a remarkable increase in Domain Authority (DA) from 0 to 8.

3. Social Media Management (SMO): We took charge of VidaFoods International’s social media profiles, leveraging platforms to raise awareness, engage the audience, and foster brand loyalty.

4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns: Our team devised a tailored PPC strategy that followed the AIDA model, generating awareness, interest, and demand among the target audience. Landing pages were created to seamlessly convert paid ad leads into actionable results.


The results of our collaborative efforts were nothing short of impressive:

– VidaFoods International’s first export order consisted of a single container. Today, they export 4-5 containers regularly, showcasing the remarkable growth and demand for their products.

Client Testimonial:

“Our partnership with VidaFoods International has been incredibly rewarding. Their digital marketing expertise and services have propelled our growth, transforming us from a startup into a thriving exporter of frozen food products.” – [Client Name], CEO, VidaFoods International


VidaFoods International’s success story is a testament to the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy. With a carefully designed website, targeted SEO, effective social media management, and PPC campaigns, Staklus Digital played a pivotal role in helping this startup achieve remarkable growth in a competitive industry.

Through the strategic partnership with Staklus Digital, VidaFoods International has firmly established itself as a leading exporter of frozen food products, serving the UAE and Saudi Arabian markets with excellence.