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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Stalkus Digital! These Terms and Conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of our website and services provided by Stalkus Digital.

By accessing this website and engaging our services, you accept these Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully.

1. Services Offered

Stalkus Digital offers a range of digital marketing, website development, software development, marketing, branding, and design services tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

2. Refund Policy

a. No Refund Policy: Stalkus Digital does not offer refunds for services rendered. Once an advance payment has been made for our services, it is non-refundable.

b. Service Dissatisfaction: In the event of client dissatisfaction, we encourage open communication to address concerns. However, dissatisfaction does not warrant a refund of any advance payment made.

3. Incomplete Files and Additional Work

a. Incomplete Deliverables: Clients are required to fulfill payment obligations as per the agreed-upon terms in the Statement of Work (SOW). Incomplete files or deliverables will not be shared until full payment is received.

b. Payment Refusal and Extra Work: Refusal to pay the remaining amount for delivered services will result in the withholding of incomplete files. Any additional work beyond the SOW will be subject to separate billing.

4. Modifications and Scope Changes

a. Scope Changes: Modifications to the initially agreed-upon scope of services may impact project timelines and costs. Any such changes will be communicated and may result in adjustments to the project terms and fees.

5. Client Responsibilities

a. Communication: Clients are encouraged to communicate any issues or dissatisfaction promptly. Clear communication ensures that services meet expectations to the best possible extent.

6. Agreement Acknowledgement

By engaging Stalkus Digital’s services and using this website, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

7. Contact Us

For any queries or clarification regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at +91 9019 239 257