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Web Designs

Website Designs

Website creation or designs includes a wide range of abilities and controls in the creation and support of sites. The various spaces of website structure include web visual depiction; UI configuration; writing, including normalized code and exclusive programming; client experience plan.


Dashboards are available in large numbers of the web and portable applications we utilize every day. Stalkus Digital build unique user-friendly dashboards to understand the business more efficiently.

Types of dashboards
  • Operational dashboards

These dashboards help the client see what’s going on in the present moment.

  • Scientific dashboards

These dashboards give the client a reasonable perspective on exhibition patterns and likely issues.

  • Vital dashboards

This sort of dashboard allows the client to follow their primary key objectives through KPIs.

Prototypes or Model

A prototype is an early example, or the arrival of an item worked to test an idea or interaction. It is a term utilized in an assortment of settings, including semantics, plan, gadgets, and programming. A prototype is for the most part used to judge another plan to improve accuracy by framework experts and clients.
We plan wonderful Prototypes for our clients after the model we start the improvement interaction, as the plan is the fundamental front-end segment of any product or dashboard.

Quality Skills

At Stalkus Digital our Designers use many different tools to make your dream project come true. We like to keep it transparent. Here are some of the tools you are familiar with.
Adobe Photo Shop 90 %
Adobe Illustrator 80 %
Adobe Premier Pro 85 %
Adobe After Effects 85 %
Adobe Light Room 80 %

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